Monoblock power amp

Mono Block Power Amp

State Of The Art Quantuum

Completely Hand Crafted
300 Watt in pure Class A
Push Pull in triode operation
Four Toroidal Output Transformers per
mono block in Circlotron Operation
Pure Symmetric Differential Circuit Input to Output
Differential / Single Ended Operating Input Signal
Current Output Driver
22 transformers in power supply per mono block
3 amorphous chokes per mono block
Two Switchable Power Potency available: 150 watt (first power on)
and 300 watt (second power on)
Gain: 22 dB
Distortion at max power <1% measured @1khz
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 200KHz
12x 6550 per mono block
2x 12BH7a Input Driver Stage
2x 6H30 Buffer Stage
2x EF184 CCS (Constant Current Sink)
Point To Point Wiring with Mil-16878
Litz silver/copper wire with high temperature Teflon insulation.
All resistors Vishay CPF & RN65d series
Weight: 100 Kg. per monoblock