dual manual power amp

Stereo Power Amp

Built entirely by hand,
Total Air Cable Circuit with Silver/ Copper wire in Teflon/Arlon Insulated
MIL 16878-W-TYPE E 200° High Temperature

Completely Hand Crafted
100 Watt in pure Class A
Push Pull in triode operation
Two Output Toroidal Transformers per Channel in Circlotron Connection
Total Power Output Transformers: 370 Watt
Pure Symmetric Balanced Circuit
Current Output Driver
Zero Feedback
6 Independent Power Supplies
2 Amorphous High Current Chokes (one per channel)
6x EL34 Output Tubes per Channel (12 total)
3x Ecc82 Input/Driver Stage per Channel (6 total)
Input Impedance: Balanced 1M Ohm,
Single Ended 470K Ohm
Hum & Noise: less than 2.0 mV rms 88dB
Rated Output 20 Khz Unweighted
Rise Time: 2.5us
PS Energy Storage: 280 Joules
Point To Point Wiring with Mil-16878 Litz
silver/copper wire with high temperature Teflon insulation.
Vishay/Roderstein Capacitors MKT1813, MKP1840 & MKP1841 series
All resistors Vishay CPF & RN65d series
Power Consumption At Max Power:
1000 Watt (370 in Idle)
Dimensions: W 45.5cm, H 20cm, D 41cm
Weight: 41 KG