Stella headphone

Headphone Amp

Built entirely by hand

Circuit Topology: Single ended with proprietary
Circlotron output stage configuration.
Power Output: 10.5 Watts per channel
Total Harmonic Distorsion: 0.3% @1 W. – 1% at max. power
Output: In Current
Total Bandwidth: 12 Hz to 85 Khz
Input Inpedance: 100K Ohm
Zero Feedback
Slew Rate: 20 Volt / microseconds
Rise Time: 2.3 microseconds
Hum & Noise: Less than 2.0 mV RMS – 90 db (20 Khz unweighted)
Residual noise: 43 microVolt
PSU Energy Storage: Approximately 150 JOULES
Dimensions: 48 cm W x 16 cm H x 43 cm D.
Net Weight: 30 Kg.

Stella dual monaural tube reference headphone amp