Line Amplifier

Pure Balanced Line Preamplifier. Full tube Power Supply. Remote control volume and input selector.

Completely Hand Crafted
Pure Symmetric Balanced Line Preamplifier
Tube Power Supply:
2x 6AX4 Half-Wave Rectifier Damper Diode
4x 6V6 Or 5881 Tube Darlington Active
High Voltage Filter
2x 6080 Double Triode Regulated Power Supply
2x El84
2x 0A2wa Reference Voltage Diode
Line Stage:
8x Ecc82/12au7
2x Ecc82/12au7 Phase Splitter
5 Inputs Per Channel: 3 Balanced
2 Single Ended (RCA)
Remote Control Volume and Input Selector
Output Efficiency:
Frequency Response: 10hz To 150khz
Distortion: <0.5% At 2v Rms Output
Input Impedance: 200 Kohm Balanced
1,5nf Max. Capacitance
Output Impedance: 300 Ohm Balanced
Rated Output: 2v Rms 5hz To 100khz
Balanced Load
Gain Controls: +/- 40db
Noise: 18 uV Residual Weighted Balanced
4 Separate Toroidal Transformers
Dimensions: W 45.5cm, H 16cm, D 41cm
Weight: 25 Kg